Scheherazade character designs from Shinobu Ohtaka’s Original Draft Setting Memo Vol. 3 (c/w Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic BD Vol. 5 Limited Edition)

(「マギVol. 5」【完全生産限定版特典】大高忍設定原案メモ Vol.3)

※ Not my scans.

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Illustration from new MAGI DVD

Picture is not mine 


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I know that some of you would like Sasuke or Naruto to rescue Sakura from Madara. But I’m telling you, she’s going to defend herself like the godess she is. C’mon guys, let the girl shine!

EDIT: yeah I know that our boys can’t save her right now, but my point is that we should cheer for her fighting alone for once and give her the chance to shine c:

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Q: I don't even think Sasuke or Naruto could reach her since they don't have kamui? BUT YES (i hope) SAKURA WILL SLAY I'M SO PUMPED FOR THIS MY BBY WILL KICK ASS -everluckystar

You’re right my darling, hahah ANYWAYS YES I’M JUST LIKE YOU


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Q: The thing is, neither Naruto or Sasuke CAN save her. The only way in and out of that dimension is either Obito's/Kakashi's Sharrigan, or one of the 4th's kunai. As we know, both Sharrigan are there now (1 in Obito and the other Madara stole) and there's no sign of any of Minato's kunai. -Anonymous

You’re right in your analysis,anon. And I agree with you that neither of them can save her now. Aah it’s so embarrasing!!! I should have read the chapter again before publishing my opinion haha (it was really early in the morning and I couldn’t read it online at school so I wasn’t able to remember much ;^;)

Anyways, my point with that post is that (for this instance at least), no matter how hard anyone wants Sakura to be saved by *insert character*, we should cheer for her fighting all by herself c:

Thanks for your message Anon!

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